Courses: Art, Design and Develop of Video Games

In 2015, the video game industry made about 90,000 million dollars and, by 2019, it is estimated that they will exceed 115,000 million, according to data from Newzoo firm. These incredible numbers make, in fact, the video game the most profitable market worldwide in the industry of entertainment and digital entertainment, over movies, series or reading.

This makes the video game industry require specialized professionals in all aspects of the creation and development of video games. Thousands of programmers, graphic artists, scriptwriters, dubbers, musicians, testers and conceptual designers are dedicated to this type of software. An entire economic ecosystem that, although sometimes overlooked, is extremely important within the technological landscape on a global scale.

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  1. To teach the students the complete process of creating a video game, from the conception of the idea to its execution in the form of a software application.
  2. Introduce students to the design of art in a videogame, from the use of color and light to composition of animations and interactive elements.
  3. Teach students the Unity Game Engine, the most used engine by the video game industry. It is free and special used by indie studios. Learn how to use it professionally for all the roles of a video game: game designer, art designer and developer.

Once finished and successfully completed, you will be able to work as:

  • Video game designer and developer with Unity 3D.
  • AI Programmer.
  • Gameplay programmer.
  • Q & A Quality control.
  • Infoarchitecture.


The mission of Viral Gaming Academy is to provide a mainly practical training, close to an industry that encourages creativity. All our teachers are in direct contact with new technologies and have participated in the development of actual video games, which allows us to have a broad knowledge of this exciting industry.

Throughout the course we provide:

  • Videos and materials.
  • Examples and templates.
  • Multiple exercises.
  • Both theoretical and practical exams through our online platform.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Certificate of use.


Carlos Rubiales Bravo

Technical Computer Science Engineer and Master in Video Game Development

Video game designer and developer for more than 6 years, is the CTO and programmer of Viral Studios. Has participated in the design and develop of dozens of games, such as Project Aura. He is a Unity certified developer

Enrique Mediero Sánchez

Computer Science Engineer

He has dedicated his professional life to training and research. He is currently the CEO of Viral Studios, where he performs video game programming and design tasks, both commercial and serious games, using disruptive technologies such as Virtual Reality. He combines his activity with Viral Gaming Center, an eSports High Performance Center created by the company.

Antonio J. Díaz Fernández

Degree in Economics and Business and Master in Illustration

He is currently the Art Director at Viral Studios. He is a national reference due to the quality of his work and career. He has worked for studies in New York, Israel, Australia, etc. It is worth mentioning the 7 kickstarter projects that he has illustrated and that have been financed with up to $ 145,000.


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I have read and accept the Legal Notice and Privacy Policies.